Международное Интернациональное собрание ЛАА на анг. языке каждую первую субботу месяца

Набор в малые группы, поиск спонсора, создание новых групп
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Международное Интернациональное собрание ЛАА на анг. языке каждую первую субботу месяца

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Каждую первую субботу месяца проходит Интернациональное рабочее собрание ЛАА (!! на английском языке!!)
Собрание открытое. Приглашаются все желающие поучавствовать в жизни Всего международного сообщества ЛАА.
!!На английском Языке!!

LAA International Business Meeting

This meeting usually takes place on the first Saturday of each month and
all members are encouraged to attend.

Next Meeting:
Saturday, August 7th, 2021
1.00 p.m./13.00 (PDT) / 4.00 p.m./16.00 (EDT & AST) / 10.00 p.m./22.00 (CAT)

Zoom Link
Please note new logins
Meeting ID: 811 1575 8555
Passcode: laa

Time Converter:

Proposed Agenda
Please reply below with any comments, questions or requests

Chair – Craig
Notes – Linda
Timer –

Welcome and Readings – led by Chair
 Roughly 10 minutes
• Group Serenity Prayer (We Version)
• Reading of the 12 Traditions
• Introductions and Determination of Voting Members
• Presentation (in Chat) and Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes – can be waived by unanimous consent

LAA 12 Traditions In Practice Continued

 Roughly 15 minutes – can be waived with unanimous consent
• LAA Tradition 12
- Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of the traditions, placing principles above personalities.
o 2 minute check in round
o 10 minute discussion
o Vote to close/extend/table discussion
• LAA Traditions Wrap Up

Committee Reports
 Roughly 8 minutes each (24 minutes total )
• Website Committee - presented by JoJo
• Treasury Committee – presented by Susan
o Presentation of budget
o What to do with existing LAA Debt
o Zoom costs and management
 Non LAA accounts
 LAA accounts
• Literature Committee
o Release of Step work
o Meeting Formats (inc. Group Safety Disclaimer)
 Vote to extend / close meeting

New Business – if meeting extended
 Roughly 25 minutes
o Qualifications for appointing new treasurer
o Timing new meetings to avoid scheduling clashes

 Roughly 5 minutes
• Reading of 12 Promises
• Group Serenity Prayer (We Version)

After meeting – Fellowship and Unity time